You can contribute to lsof via pull requests at GitHub.

Commit message

If a change is dialect specific, use [dialect] as the prefix of the header of the commit log like:

[linux] compile with -Wall option
[linux] delete unused variables
[freebsd] cirrus-ci: disabled

If no [dialect] prefix is given to a commit, the change may have an impact across dialects.

Code style

C sources should be formatted by clang-format, e.g.:

clang-format -i lib/dialcets/linux/dsock.c
# or

The formatter may not function properly in some corner cases. You will have to rewrite the code to make it happy.

Use as few #if/#else/#endif constructs as possible, even at the cost of nearly-duplicate code.

When #if/#else/#endif constructs are necessary:

Use the form

#if defined(s<symbol>)

in preference to

#ifdef <symbol>

to allow easier addition of tests to the #if.

  • Indent them to signify their level -- e.g.,
#if     /* level one */
#  if       /* level two */
#  endif    /* level two */
#else       /* level one */
#endif      /* level one */

Use ANSI standard comments on #else and #endif statements.


There are two test mechanism, the original one by Via Abell and a script-based one by Masatake YAMATO. About the original test mechanism, see tests/00README. About the script-based test mechanism, see tests/case-00-hello.bash and check.bash.

Your pull request should pass all CI checks. If necessary, you can modify testcases.